Here you will find answers to those frequently asked questions. Or rather those questions that nobody asks but would like to. If you would like to see a question answered here please use the Contact form and we will endevour to answer your question.

Do we have to pay? PDF Print E-mail

Yes.  Like most groups we charge a subscription, and this is paid termly.

The easiest way to pay your child's sub's is by standing order or you can give a cheque/cash to your child's leader at the start of each term.

Please ask your child's section leader how much you need to pay.

Do You Have a Waiting List? PDF Print E-mail

Yes I'm afraid we do. We have a group waiting list for Beaver Scouts. Young People on the list are invited to join the Beaver Section when they reach their sixth birthday and we have places available. The date of joining the list is also taken into account. If you wish to add your Son or Daughter to the list please use the Beaver Waiting List link below.  We will respond to inform when they are added to the list.

Boys or Girls wanting to join the Cub or Scout section should use the contact form. Please include your Name, Address and Phone Number as well as your Child's name and date of birth.

Click Here for the contact form.

Click here for Beaver Waiting List

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